Template Around the World 18x18cm Borders


  • Template 18x18cm
  • Suitable for craft projects (Scrapbooking, Card making, Home decoration)
  • The template is made of a durable material, which ensures long-lasting use.

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Lisa Soovinimekirja
Lisa Soovinimekirja


  1. Versatility: the templates are designed for a variety of craft projects, including scrapbooking, card making and home decoration. They enable you to unleash your creativity in a variety of ways.
  2. Durability: the templates are made of durable and recyclable material, which ensures long-lasting use. They’re easy to maintain and clean.
  3. Ease of use: the templates offer easy and user-friendly usage. They are suitable for beginners as well as for experienced handicraft enthusiasts.

How to use:

  1. Place the template on the desired surface and attach it carefully.
  2. Use a paintbrush, paints, pens or other craft utensils to fill the stencil designs with your creative vision.
  3. Remove the template carefully to see your finished artwork.
  4. Let the artwork dry and use it according to your needs.