Wax Seals Set Letters From The Heart


Set of wax seals for sealing envelopes or adding wax decorations to your work
The set includes:

  • two shades of wax
  • one wooden seal handle
  • 2 interchangeable seal designs

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Lisa Soovinimekirja
Lisa Soovinimekirja


Rediscover the art of writing letters, put your pen on paper and send your warm thoughts to family and friends with the Sara Signature Letters collection!

You’ll find everything you need for sealing envelopes or adding real wax embellishments to your projects in the wax seal kit.

The set includes two different shades of wax – red and gold, one wooden handle and two interchangeable seal designs, one with a heart and one with a key.

All you have to do is to melt the wax and let it drip onto the area you want to seal. Attach your chosen stamp design to the wooden handle and press it into the wax. Allow it to cool a little and the decoration is ready to display!

This is the perfect set to add a little traditional touch to your invitations.