Watercolour pencil in metal case Stabilo, 12 colours


  • High quality watercolour pencils
  • Brilliant colours for a vibrant result
  • Water-soluble 2,8mm diameter core
  • Set of 12 colours
  • In a metal box

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Lisa Soovinimekirja
Lisa Soovinimekirja


These watercolour pencils are premium quality and can be used on both wet and dry paper. When used on dry paper, the colours can be mixed together afterwards with water using a brush. When used on moist paper, the paints blend together like watercolours. Colours can even be applied with a wet brush, taken right from the pen tip. STABILO aquacolor is available in sets of up to 36 colours. STABILOaquacolor is a great choice for creative people at school, university or work.