Teip D.RECT 40mic 19mmx33mm


  • Teip
  • Material PP 40mic
  • Dimensions 19mmx33m
  • Does not turn yellow

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Lisa Soovinimekirja
Lisa Soovinimekirja


Multifunctional tape made of strong PP film with a thickness of 40 micrometers. PVC free. Can be used at temperatures from -5 to 40°. Transparent – the tape is invisible after application, does not turn yellow over time and does not dry out. The product is highly tear and tensile resistant. Acrylic adhesive ensures good bonding to the substrate. Ideal, for instance, when you need to quickly tape small packages, envelopes or stick photos or graphics to surfaces. Useful in any office, home or school. Size: 19 mm x 33 m