Sports bag / Additional bag Beckmann12L Ninja Master


Sports bag / Supplementary bag Beckmann features

  • It can be attached to the Classic, Classic Maxi and Active Air FLX models.
  • Reflective details on all sides for optimal visibility and safety.
  • Two compartments inside for a drinking bottle, shoes, etc.
  • User’s recommended height: 116-140 cm

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Lisa Soovinimekirja
Lisa Soovinimekirja


The sports bag can be used separately or attached to the Beckmann main bag. When attached to the main bag, the aim of ergonomic use is achieved. The child’s hands are free and the weight is on the main bag. This avoids putting extra weight on one side of the child.
The backpack has reflectors on all sides, a waist belt and a chest strap, and two pockets inside the bag for holding a drinking bottle or similar. The Beckmann extra bag is ideal for sightseeing trips or shorter camping trips. This accessory bag can be attached to the Beckmann main bag models Classic, Classic Maxi and Active Air FLX.


Dimensions: 36×23×15 cm
Weight: 350 grams
Capacity of sports bag / extra bag: 12 litres
Material: 100% polyester