Set of markers 8 Colorista Fine-Line pens Vivid Expressions


  • The 0.4 mm tip ensures a smooth and precise line.
  • Water- and alcohol-resistant.
  • 8 pigment-rich shades
  • Opulent Red
  • Zesty Orange
  • Serene Blue
  • Natural Green
  • Decadent Pink
  • Sublime Purple
  • Vintage Brown
  • Classic Black

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Lisa Soovinimekirja
Lisa Soovinimekirja
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Write every moment, dream and doodle with Colorista Fine Line pens!
Each pencil has a super-fine 0.4 mm tip for a smooth, precise line. This way you can get creative with the finer details of letters, diaries and illustrations.

Our Fine Line pens are beautiful inside and out. In addition to providing vibrant pigment-rich shades, the ink itself is pretty smart! It’s both water- and alcohol-resistant, so whether you like watercolour splashes or bold drawings with alcohol markers, your lines will stay precise and smudge-free.

Archive- and fade-resistant ink means those bright ideas stay bright! And with eight rainbow colours to choose from, you can be as wild as you like.