Plastic Bottle With Dropper Nelli Snellen 2pcs


Handy plastic bottles with pipette – precise dosing and storage of liquids for arts and crafts!

  • Set of 2 bottles
  • One bottle holds 20 ml of liquid

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Lisa Soovinimekirja
Lisa Soovinimekirja
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Set of two 20 ml plastic bottles with handy pipettes. These bottles are ideal for arts and crafts lovers who need precise dosing and storage of liquids.

The set comes with two separate 20 ml plastic bottles with a pipette, allowing you to easily dose different liquids.

The tip of the dropper allows you to accurately measure and dispense the right amount of liquid, essential for art projects, crafts and other creative activities.

The bottles are ideal for storing a variety of liquids such as paints, oils and other materials. They help keep your stuff clean and easily accessible.

These bottles are perfect for artists, craftsmen and creative people who need precise and controlled use of liquids in their projects.