Marker Spectrum Noir Sparkle Clear Overlay 3pcs.


  • Marker Spectrum Noir Sparkle
  • Clear Overlay
  • 3pcs.

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Lisa Soovinimekirja
Lisa Soovinimekirja
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Add a little creative sparkle with these fabulous glittery markers from Spectrum Noir.
The markers are available in a range of seasonal shades containing a fine sparkling micropigment. The markers have a brush tip and allow you to paint with precision. Markers are great for colouring, writing, decorating, highlighting, etc! There are 18 sparkle colours available to top up existing colours, plus a ‘Crystal Clear’ sparkle top coat.To use Spectrum Noir Sparkle markers: remove the yellow seal, screw the marker back together, shake the pencil gently to blend the sparkle and ink, squeeze the pencil lightly until the ink moves into the clear part, stop squeezing and brush until the ink soaks over the bristles (it can be squeezed lightly if necessary).
Shake gently from time to time (with the cap on) to mix the ink and a sparkle. Gentle squeezing may be needed if not used for long periods,

DO NOT immerse the Sparkle Pen in water as this will affect the colour properties.

Idea: Combine with nonshimmering colours to create a gorgeous glow.
Clear Overlay-Crystal Clear highlighter with sparkle, colourless ink provides the perfect sparkle to your work.


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