Marker Spectrum Noir Classique (6pcs) – Essentials

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Marker Spectrum Noir set.

  • Comes with 6 Classique Markers
  • The markers have Japanese-quality tips – rounded and cut-off
  • The markers are refillable with alcohol-based dyes.

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Lisa Soovinimekirja
Lisa Soovinimekirja
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Spectrum Noir Classique markers. With outstanding durability, Japanese-quality marker tips and smooth, blending colours, this is a product that demands to be placed in the spotlight. The outstanding shape of the casing and the design of the cap ensure ease of handling when colouring. Smooth black plastic casing, coloured end caps in the same shades as the marker – all this feels luxurious and refined in your hand. The markers are made in well-known Japanese quality and are double-ended. A rounded end for finer details and a cut end on the other side for a stronger coverage. The markers are filled with a high quality semi-transparent alcohol-based paint that can be used to achieve incredible, vibrant colours as well as for blending. To extend the life of your Classique Markers, buy alcohol-based refills to easily refill them. Filling in the markers is a concept that is great for the environment and your wallet! Whether you’re an artist or just love to draw, stock up on the full range of Classic and you’ll see how they transform your paintwork.