Brush set Zen™ Short Handle 5pcs Short Bristle scrubber


The Brush Zen™ Series 83 scrubbing brush set consists of:

  • Round brush with short hair 2
  • Round brush with short hair 8
  • Round brush with short hair 10
  • Round brush with short hair 6
  • Round brush with short hairs 10
  • Ultrametallic standard-length ABS brush handle with angled back end
  • Durable dark silver anodised aluminium seamless brush ferrules which are glued and pressed (rolled) to the handles.

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Lisa Soovinimekirja
Lisa Soovinimekirja
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Zen™ Series 83 is a blend of soft and stiff synthetic fibres and soft natural hairs. These brushes are great for watercolours, inks and liquid acrylics. The brushes have an ideal combination of softness and strength, designed to hold large amounts of water and paint. High durability ensures that delicate or sometimes bold brush strokes can be made with ease. The silver-coloured, ultra-metallic ABS handles can soak in water without swelling, cracking or breaking, and have a angled, scraper-shaped back for highlighting, polishing/smoothing, scraping and paint removal.


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